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First of all, Happy New Year, and second of all, this blog post was influenced and supported by a delicious whiskey sour.

A dish best served cold…and in a Mickey Mouse glass.

Drew Brees again got shafted, this time not by Gary Horton (idiot), but this time by the morons over at the Associated Press. They must’ve arbitrarily just decided to throw Chad Pennington of the New York Jets the award for “Comeback Player of the Year.” The article is here.

Both players were unsure if they would ever throw a pass again in the NFL. Brees has led the 4-12 Saints of last year to second place in the NFC, winning the division with a 10-6 record. Of the four major statistics used to rate quarterbacks, Brees wins in all of them. By a lot.

Drew Brees

Pass Yds TD Yds/Game QB Rating

Chad Pennington

Pass Yds TD Yds/Game QB Rating

Now I realize, LaDainian Tomlinson deserved the AP Most Valuable Player award. Setting the single season touchdown record and just watching him play makes him deserving of this award, and I’m sure Drew Brees would agree. But come on, not getting the Comeback Player of the Year award is clearly a snub that Drew must not forget.

But the thing is, Drew Brees isn’t like that, he’s a team player. Unlike Chad Pennington, who doesn’t have an arm, cries like a baby, and all the announcers ever talk about during Jets games is how he was almost a Rhodes scholar finalist, because there is nothing else amazing about him. Well golly, he was a broadcast journalism major, his voice must’ve been intoxicating to maintain a 3.75 GPA.

If I were a broadcast journalism major (or any sort of communications major), I’d probably have a 4.0 with like 18 stars after it because they couldn’t think of another way to express how impressed they were with my diction.

AP writers (and sports journalists in general) seem to have a boner for Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini, and this is clearly an extension of that sexual arousal. Ohh look, Eric Mangini and Bill Belichick (that spelling doesn’t really look right, but Wikipedia says it is so let’s go with it) didn’t have an intimate session after either of their games this year, let’s make a huge deal about it. Look at how amazing of a job he’s done with the Jets. Sean Payton probably won’t get Coach of the Year either, because Eric Mangini did such an amazing job.

You know what, it doesn’t even matter, because the Jets are going nowhere in the AFC playoffs (where you going? nowhere..). They’ve got New England in the first round, good luck..bitches.

Listen: Silverchair, “Without You”

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