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     There are certain instances in which I really wish that I owned a digital camera. For the most part, I feel that it would be too much of a burden to carry around for limited benefits, and a large possibility of damage or loss. However, there are times when you’re alone and you see something mind-boggling that must be shared with others in order to retain sanity. Unfortunately, without proof no one will ever believe you. I am currently in that situation and you, gentle reader, will just have to trust me.


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Disclaimer: This post contains information that could possibly ruin the movie “BUG” for you. Ranty McRanterson cannot be held accountable for any real or imagined trauma suffered by reading this post.


     This movie SUCKS. Do not go see it for any reason. Trust me, it’s not what you think. If you really must see it, wait until it comes out on video so you can at least cut yourself in the privacy of your own home.

     The only thing that saved my life was that I was able to wash it away by watching D.C. Cab later in the night. That movie is fucking epic.

Mr. T is a living god.

Listen: Lostprophets, “Sway”

Clint: I’m just trying to imagine what a snowcone soaked in piss would taste like.
Kristin: Awful!

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This post sponsored by: Procrastination and Yuengling Traditional Lager

This was going to be the 100th post until I realized that drafts technically count as posts, and there were two drafts from last September. So then I deleted them, making this the 98th post…so the celebration came early. Deal with it.


Well, for starters, I took advantage of the new labeling system that Blogger has so graciously provided. Now, should your heart desire, you can organize our posts into cute little categories — something many of you have been begging for for months.

And obviously, the gorgeous new header that was forged in a furnace behind my dorm is pretty special. I really like using that idea, something about energizing an economy to make it competitive on a global scale by encouraging everyone in your nation to build a furnace to make steel in their backyard, it’s just innovative. Dumb as hell, but innovative. And that’s what we like here.

Well, that’s all of the improvements I could think of, aside from sporadic (at best) updates…now on to the assessment of the past 99…well, 97 posts.

Statistically speaking, I used a very scientific data analysis strategy to see how we matched up against one another.

Matt – Designated Hitter: Clearly, steroids were a factor

Posts – 48

Posting Percentage – .494

Best Streak – 8

Clint – The Trusty Left-Fielder, despite injury maintained a good season

Posts – 34

Posting Percentage – .351

Best Streak – 4

Dirq – Aging catcher with shotty knees, focused on his political career

Posts – 9

Posting Percentage – .093

Best Streak – 1

Will – Relief Pitcher, spent optional practice time with bike/woman/studying physics

Posts – 6

Posting Percentage – .062

Best Streak – 1

So there you have the breakdown. Sure, my stats may have been slightly padded with YouTube videos, but hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Listen: Standard of Living, “Never Fade From Me”

Quote: “We waited five minutes because the croissants were that fresh.” – CFC’s “Oldie”

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