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     As promised in the promo, this is a new section in Ranty. Yes, the title is 100% lifted from Calvin and Hobbes. As with Calvin’s Great Ideas in Action, I suspect that no one else will think that these are good ideas. Well too damn bad. It’s my blog and I’m going to share my super ideas whose time have not yet come. I’ve always been before my time.

     This idea is for a cable network that shows only commercials. Yes, you read correctly, only commercials. Allow me to explain. I’ve always been a pro with the remote control. My former roommates can attest to that fact. I’m always sure to have a primary and an alternate channel for when the primary goes to commercial. It works passably, but sometimes I am confronted with the situation where my primary and alternate channels have commercials at the same time. This puts me in the unenviable position of having to find a second alternate. I have honed my skills to a point where I can accurately predict when a show is coming back withing three seconds by feel alone. Having to find a second alternate invariably throws my timing off and I am usually late coming back to the primary channel. As a remote control perfectionist, I find this unacceptable.



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