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We all love Chipotle.  The soft flour tortilla overflowing with fluffy rice, juicy pepper and onions, mushy beans, succulent tender meats, spicy salsa, gooey guacamole and semi-melted jack cheese.  My keyboard is covered in drool just thinking about it.  My friend, the Steak Burrito with red salsa (hot), pinto beans and cheese, is probably the stupidest thing to eat the night before a job interview.  The song “Tainted Love” springs into my head.

I arrived in College Park for a job interview in Arlington.  Meeting up with my bros we drank some Buds (heavy, not light), got hungry and went to that old standby:  the Greenbelt Chipotle.  A straight shot up MD-193 with the omnipresent danger of hitting a day laborer crossing Greenbelt Road makes the sizzling scent of Chipotle all the more enticing.  The fact that you may very well murder a Mexican en route to eat Mexican food somehow makes the burrito that much tastier.  But I digress…  We got our Chipotle, somehow managed not to eat it in the car and made our way back to 8802, a house so filled with empty beer bottles and cans that a homeless man buy his way off the street if he discovered that Shangri-la of recyclables.  I forgot, this post is about the dangers of Chipotle…I’ll stay on topic.  Chipotle finished, some more Bud time followed by bed time.  Up early for the long Metro (Green + Orange) to Arlington, VA.



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     So after not having a job for about seven months, I’ve learned how to stretch a dollar. There a certain things that you can’t escape paying for. Examples: Beer, tobacco products, gas, rent, bills and I guess the last on the list would be food. Other things can be got around. This is by no means a comprehensive list, look for updates as my situation gets more desperate.

#1 Toilet Paper
     Everyone knows that buying toilet paper is a ripoff. Most people, however, see no other options. I’ve found a way to avoid having to buy toilet paper. Napkins. Yeah, napkins. If you’re going out to buy fast food, avoid the drive through and go in. That way, you can hit up the condiment/drinks/utensils area. Most of these places will include napkin receptacles that you can ravage. Chipotle is the best, because as you’re getting napkins, you can also snag your choice of Tabasco sauce. You won’t get caught, trust me. I’ve done it with cops standing right next to me. Also, they get ridiculous deals at Chipotle. A cop paid $3.50 for a burrito and a large drink. For those of you that don’t know, the standard price for that is above seven bucks.

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