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     I suppose it’s time to do a new post. I’ve been away for a while. Apparently my last legit post was in October. Whoops. I’ve been busy, uninspired, lazy. I was gonna post something about a month ago. It was a long guide for Maryland drivers unfamiliar on how to drive in the snow. I put a lot of work into it (about twenty minutes, don’t judge me), but then my computer caught a death virus and I started losing functionality. I had to frantically transfer files to a borrowed flash drive and I foolishly went for my lab data that I had spent hundreds of hours on. By the time it came to getting my personal files, the computer had shut itself down and refused to start back up. I ended up losing all my personal files, including several ideas I had for posts.

     I know what you’re saying, “you could have just wrote your posts on WordPress and then you’d still have them regardless of what your stupid computer does.” That’s probably a good idea. Now allow me to promptly ignore your advice and keep writing in Word and transferring things over. I’ve got a very specific process that I like to follow.



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