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     This is a straight up ripoff from Pete’s Mattiver’s Travels post. He hasn’t posted in a long while, so this is basically a challenge. Petey, I dare you to rip me off. I brought the heat, you bring the noise. Recently, I’ve been making long trips to the Eastern Shore of Maryland (and sometimes Delaware) for work, and I thought my last week’s work schedule would impress people. Mainly girls. Clearly Pete and I started this page in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex. So far, nothing. I’ve tried the “Hi there, I’m the author of a popular webpage” line at the bars and it has gotten me bubkis. I find I do a little better with, “I’m a professional water polo coach” or “I’m a member of President Obama’s cabinet.” Who would have thought. The number of Presidential pardons I’ve promised is staggering.

     First off, this is only the first three days of the week. We shall start, as most people do, with Monday (April 26th 2010):



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