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Vice Dean Jesse Pierson
Vice Dean Jessie Pierson

At a press conference on Friday, Vice Dean Jesse Pierson of Blackacre School of Law announced that the school would like to “continue to foster the ‘grade school’ type of environment” by imposing a mandatory field trip for all first year students to the Philadelphia Zoo in March.

“Students seem to be more receptive to a learning environment that seems more like high school than graduate school.” The field trip is the latest in a long list of changes that Blackacre Law have been established as of late. Vice Dean Pierson also spoke about the addition of lockers, assigned seating, a recess period, classic cafeteria food, and detention for students who are unprepared for class.

“Students have adjusted accordingly,” noticed Professor Palsgraf, who teaches Torts I and II. “I’ve caught students passing notes in class, spreading rumors and perpetuating drama. They also seem to be forming cliques. To the untrained eye, there isn’t much that separates the average law school student from a high school senior.”

Vice Dean Pierson noted that students must have a signed permission slip to go on the trip. Transportation will be provided by large, yellow buses.


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fail candidate

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This could be an excellent candidate for The FAIL Blog. If only I had a basic image editing program to insert four bold characters.

I can’t believe they sell used books that look like this to unsuspecting first year law students. I have not added any of my own notes to these pages yet, and honestly, if I get called on for this case, I’ll probably just hold up my book and point. I’m sure my Civil Procedure professor will understand.

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Today marks the day that I officially have given up on Yahoo!


In other news – law school has taken over my life. When I saw the headline “Contractor finds $182K hidden in bathroom wall,” the “Acquisition by Find” section of my property outline popped into my head and began running through hypotheticals.

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