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     Being from the Philadelphia area, I am well familiar with a good cheesesteak. We all know about Pat’s, Gino’s and Jim’s, and some of us (namely the creators of the site) frequent La Pizzaria, whose shirt I happen to be wearing right now. All of us who have had a good Philly cheesesteak know what can and cannot be done with cheesesteaks, which is why I feel morally obligated to speak out on the following topic.

     Recently, I have seen an increase in what I call “cheesesteak abominations.” There are two types of these affronts to God. The first: a bastard child between a cheesesteak and another food type. The second: a ‘cheesesteak’ made by someone who has no goddamn right to be touching even the most basic ingredients of a cheesesteak. I will address these two situations in order.



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