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Chooooooooo Choooooooo.
All aboard the already-been-done train.
Clint seems to have missed his stop on the razor blade proliferation railway…In other news, Will climbs up the totem pole of assholes and now sits two rungs below Matt, who trails Satan himself by only 3 rungs.

Listen: Copeland, “Don’t Slow Down”

Quote: “Matt Landis always had the biggest syringe collection in the peloton…shit, the only reason he did the River to River ride was to get more syringes out of the Delaware” – Jan Ullrich on the topic of Matt Landis’ positive A Sample

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     Has anyone noticed how the number of blades on manual ‘shaving systems’ is continually rising? I think it’s a sign of the increasing decadence of our society. This is the same thing that happened to the Romans before their civilization crumbled. Let’s keep it sane, okay consumers? Anyway, back to my main point. It started with the straight razor, invented in 1492 by Christopher Columbus who thought it would be good to be clean-shaven when he got to India. Then we had two bladed razors, invented at some point in time by some person in time. Then we had the Mach III by Gillette. When this came out, I thought “Okay. Now we’ve got three blades. We’re in good shape.” Then, shockingly, the Schick Quattro. I think humanity in general was taken aback. “Four blades!?!” people could be heard exclaiming in the streets, “What’s next, trucks with extended cabs?” (I hope someone is working on this by the way, trucks need as many doors as possible.) The critics said it would never work, calling the extra blade ‘superfluous.’


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