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     Well, it’s 2010 and I guess it’s time for the first post of the New Year. If you’ve been checking in the last few days you might have noticed that two posts were added to December 31st. Yeah, I posted a couple things in January but changed the date to December. But seriously, who am I kidding, no one noticed that. I know you bastards don’t check this site that often. Unless you do. Then thanks. Anyway, I thought I would address something that has been giving me large amounts of amusement. That’s right, the top searches that lead most of you to this site. WordPress allows us to track not only how many of you check the site per day, but also the avenues that bring you here. Most come through web searches, and we can find the keywords in the search that somehow bring you to our mostly overlooked blog. I took a harder look at the keyword searches for the past 365 days (they tell me that that’s a full year). I would be disappointed in the keywords if it weren’t so damn funny. Let’s get into it.



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