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It has now been five years since Dave Chappelle left the entertainment world to go chill out on his Ohio farm.  At first, his absence from Comedy Central simply meant a lot of unsuccessful sketch shows in his former time slot.  Now, the lack of Chappelle in the social commentary is hurting out country.  No other black comedian since has had a similar television show, and those that do (Tyler Perry) aren’t funny and show white America the “Family Matters” side of black America.  Chappelle made us all laugh at the blatant racism and bigotry that still exists in our country despite all the talk of equality and a “post-racial” society.  Whether it be the Gay KKK, Friday Night Sissy Fights, Real Real World, The World is Not Meant for Us, or any other sketch, Chappelle was not only making us laugh but also making us think just a little bit.

Alright, I’m not going to go into some diatribe about the socio-economic importance of black comic commentary in America, although I could, but that wouldn’t be in line with the Ranty McRanterson policy on seriousness (none is allowed).  So, Mr. Chappelle, if you’re listening…PLEASE COME BACK.  Here is a list of possible sketches I thought of for you.  You don’t have to pay me for them, just come back.  If you don’t, the possibility exists that Demetri Martin or Carlos Mencia would get a show again.  Do you really want that on your conscience Dave?  Do you?



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With the recent announcement of the beginning of the end of the WGA Strike, it’ll be interesting to see whether show creator Mitch Hurwitz and the rest of the Arrested Development crew will come through with a movie that has been rumored since the show was canceled after the third season in February 2006.

In an interview on February 2, Jason Bateman confirmed that there were talks of an Arrested Development movie, between Hurwitz, Ron Howard, and Jeffrey Tambor.

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Although the hilarity of the LOLcat is well-documented, CNN set out to show that cats “can has” more than just “cheezburger[?]”

Watch the video here.

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My Spoon Is Too Big

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Alright, I want you to click play on this video, close your eyes, make sure the sound is on. Ok, you can watch it if you want to. But if you choose to just listen, imagine that the audio pertains to this blog experience. You know, that warm feeling you used to get every time you came to Ranty McRanterson.

You have been loyal throughout the good times and the bad. The times when posts were as plentiful as the trees in a wild, tropical rainforest. The times when there were no posts for months.

Ranty McRanterson has been a place where young trainees come to get their start as bloggers. It has been a starting point for careers in the sciences, in the soils, in the laws, in local politics. It has been a place where washed up bloggers come to finish out their careers. Ok, it hasn’t been that yet, but it had the potential to be that. It has even been a place where people come to do nothing. They sign on and post nothing. I’m not naming any names though, out of respect for that individual. Cough-BRI-Cough.

But now is not a time to dwell upon the past or even the present, because there is a bright future in store for RMcR, coming to an internet near you in 2007. Stay tuned for more updates.

Listen: Europe, “The Final Countdown”

Quote: “I suck.” – Andrew Storer

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