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My Spoon Is Too Big

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I don’t condone drug use, but the similarity between these two photos is uncanny.


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PS I Love You

This is the movie that Clint saw today.

Listen: “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – Fergie

Quote: “Someone down there is a girl!” – Meatwad

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Roy Williams is a Punk

Although newspaper headlines will probably highlight the upset victory of the Philadelphia Eagles over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, the headline could very easily have had a very different message on Monday morning.

“Eagles lose; McNabb suffers season-ending injury from illegal tackle”

Dallas strong safety Roy Williams tackled a scrambling Donovan McNabb from behind during the second quarter of the game using a technique known as a horse-collar tackle. This type of tackle was made illegal in 2005 because of the high potential for injury, and has been called “the Roy Williams Rule” because of his use of the tackle. Williams has been fined by the NFL two times this season and once last season for using the horse-collar tackle, and in 2004 he injured former Eagle and current teammate Terrell Owens using the tackle. For more information on the previous horse-collar tackles and penalties, here’s a link to an ESPN article about it.

It’s pretty clear that Roy Williams doesn’t really care about the $20,000 or so he’ll lose as a result of tackling in this way, as he continues to perform the horse-collar tackle. What would’ve happened if McNabb would’ve torn something in his knee or ankle, ending his season or even career as a result of that tackle?

The only answer is a heightened penalty for those who use the horse-collar tackle again and again – suspension without pay, ejection from the game, something with more teeth than losing a fraction of an NFL player’s paycheck. The current system is not effectively deterring players from performing the tackle, and the NFL has a responsibility to protect players from egregious acts that are likely to cause injury.

[Update] Roy Williams was suspended for this weekend’s game against the Carolina Panthers. Congrats to the NFL for standing up for the safety of its players and setting a precedent that harsher penalties can and will be used for those who continually disobey league rules (especially league rules that were created as a result of your conduct, Mr. Williams).

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Today marks the day that I officially have given up on Yahoo!


In other news – law school has taken over my life. When I saw the headline “Contractor finds $182K hidden in bathroom wall,” the “Acquisition by Find” section of my property outline popped into my head and began running through hypotheticals.

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